Eva cuvée blanche

Eva cuvée blanche

Вес0.750 kg


Сортов състав

Тамянка, Вионие, Шардоне


белое сухое вино

Аромат и вкус

зеленые фрукты, сухофрукты, тропические фрукты, цветы, цитрусовые, шоколад

Комбинация с пищевой

вегетарианские блюда, десерты, птицa, рыба, с закусками, сыр

EVA proves that fine wine is an art. This wine is made from our best plots with hand-collected grapes with limited yields and in a limited edition of 2,700 bottles. The blend is what gives this wine a character. EVA is the most famous woman in the world and therefore the most popular variety — Chardonnay is the base. EVA is also the first woman in the world, so we added Tamyanka which is a descendant from the oldest wine variety — Muscat. We have finished our composition with the unforgettable character trait of Eva, represented by Viognier’s boldness and disobedience. With complex and subtle aromas of white flowers, citrus fruits, green and tropical fruits, this wine is for wine connoisseurs and it is good to be combined with the most exquisite and gourmet dishes. With every bottle of EVA, you own a piece of art.

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