Collection Philippe red cuvée

Collection Philippe red cuvée

19.99лв. 16.99лв.
Вес0.750 kg

Каберне Совиньон, Мерло, Сира


сухо червено вино



Съчетание с храна

вегетариански ястия / гъби, месо/ барбекю, сирена

Аромат и вкус

Aromas & Flavours: Black fruits (blackberries, black plum, black cherry), red fruits (raspberry), spices (white pepper), oak (vanilla, clove, butterscotch) and bottle age (forest mushroom)

Collection Philippe is a combination of the three most famous and noble red wine varieties where Cabernet Sauvignon gives structure, Merlot — softness and Syrah — a touch of spiciness. This wine is made from a selection of our best plots with hand-collected grapes with limited yields. Complex and elegant, the wine is distinguished by the aromas of black and red fruits and spicy notes. The deep and long aftertaste comes from the oak aging and bottle aging. The wine will go well with lamb, beefsteak, grilled pork and vegetarian dishes.

Limited edition of 5000 bottles.