Collection barrel fermented Chardonnay

Collection barrel fermented Chardonnay

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Съчетание с храна

като аперитив, вегетариански ястия / гъби, риба / суши, птици, сирена

Аромат и вкус

Aromas & Flavours: Citrus (lime), tropical (pineapple), green fruit (apple), oak (coconut, vanilla, butterscotch) and bottle age (dried fig)

Chardonnay Barrel fermented is the result of experimenting with Chardonnay and responding to the search for a new style of white wine. The Chardonnay variety is the world`s famous for its Burgundian wines, which are characterized by oak notes. In order not to depart from our philosophy and maintain maximum freshness, handpicked Chardonnay is allowed to ferment briefly in a cask. For that reason, the aromas of citrus and tropical fruits dominate and are supplemented with elegant notes of coconut, vanilla and caramel. This elegant and complex wine is ideal with appetizers, as well as in combination with vegetarian and exquisite seafood dishes and cheese.