Chateau Burgozone Viognier

Chateau Burgozone Viognier

Вес0.750 kg
Сортов състав



белое сухое вино



Комбинация с пищевой

вегетарианские блюда, птицa, рыба, с закусками, сыр

Аромат и вкус

косточковый плод, тропические фрукты, цветы

Food pairings: As an aperitif, fish, poultry, vegetarian food, cheese

Viognier from Chateau Burgozone, one of the «leading Viognier producers in Bulgaria», ranked among the 6 best Viognier in the world, according to the famous wine guru Oz Clark, is a white wine known to wine connoisseurs. This difficult variety finds similar conditions on the hills of the Danube to those in Northern Rhone and Condrieu. Low yields, handpicked, and sorted grapes, allow the elegant aromas of white fruits, flowers and citrus to emphasize the depth and long aftertaste of this impressive wine. Viognier is perfect with appetizers and the best companion to your seafood and exotic cuisine. It is the right choice for wine connoisseurs seeking diversity.