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Chateau Burgozone Pinot Noir

Chateau Burgozone Pinot Noir

Вес0.750 kg


Сортов състав

Пино Ноар


красное сухое вино

Аромат и вкус

кожа, красные фрукты, лист, цветы, черные фрукты

Комбинация с пищевой

вегетарианские блюда, мясо, паста / пицца, птицa, рыба, сыр

Pinot Noir of Chateau Burgozone is a dry red wine of one of the oldest and most valuable varieties, which was popularized in Burgundy and found a suitable climate in Northern Bulgaria along the Danube River. Made from handpicked grapes, with reduced yields, the wine is the result of blending of different clones, which contribute to its complexity and depth. With delicate aromas of red, black fruits and spices, this elegant wine can be combined with your fat fish, poultry and vegetarian dishes. It can be served slightly chilled without changing its taste.