Burgozone Region

For the region


The majestic Danube River reigns over the region’s landscape. Fishing, hunting, cycling, swimming, boating and sandy beaches are just some of the numerous activities that can be enjoyed on your trip.

When visiting Oryahovo you can visit St George’s church which was constructed in 1837 and is home to works of art from the famous woodcarving school of Debar. Oryahovo also boasts a History museum and an Ethnographic house. In close vicinity to the city are the remains of the old fortress Kamaka which is a prime example of the Northern defense system used by the first Bulgarian state.

Not far is the city of Pleven where in 1902 the first institute of wine in Bulgaria was created (it’s also the fifth in the world). Close by, the renowned Museum of Wine is worth a visit as it is located in an underground cave and the tasting experience is not to be missed. The Pleven Epopee 1877 monument offers a panoramic view of its surroundings which is a unique sight in the Balkan countries.

At a similar distance is the picturesque city of Vratza where you can enjoy mountain hiking as well as a visit to the fascinating cave of Ledenika. In the historic museum of the town you can also discover the Rogozen treasure which shows the importance that local Thracian population vaulted to the God of wine – Dionysus.

Other attractions in the region include the unique Belogradchick stone formation and the Magura cave.