At the 2010 edition of the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, for the first time in the seventeen years of history of this most prestigious wine competition, Chardonnay 2009 of  Château Burgozone won for Bulgaria the Great Gold Medal – an international acknowledgment for global quality, which rates this white wine among the top ten in the world.  At the same competition, another wine of the Château Burgozone cellar, Château Burgozone Viognier 2009 won a silver medal which established the position of Château Burgozon as producer of white wine of the highest global quality.

On the 4th of May were published the results of the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles  2010 – the real world championship for wines and fine spirits. The 6 264wines and 340 fine spirits entered in the competition marked a significant progress in terms of quality, with an average of 1.2% higher competition score in comparison with last year. Theminimum score in order tocompete for a SilverMedalwassignificantlyraisedfrom85% to85.4% – anecessaryconditiontoobservetheregulations of the competition and will remain the same for the future for a maximum of 30% of the awarded wines. Less that 1% of the wines and fine spirits were awarded the Great Gold Medal. The jury panel of the competition included representatives of 40 countries, including all the biggest consumer markets: USA, Germany, China, India, Russia, etc. A total of 275 wine-testers evaluated the samples running in the competition. The profile of these experts was as follows: specialized journalists, importers, and buyers from the big chains(Auchan, Champion, Makro/Metro/, Colruyt), recognized sommeliers and enologists.

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