Our philosophy & history


‘Burgozone was conceived at the beginning of the century and arose from the desire to create a contemporary yet elegant style of Bulgarian wines, characterized by more freshness and less oak.’

Burgozone is a boutique family wine producer in Bulgaria. Perched on the slopes of the Danube river, close to the Bulgaria-Romania ferry of Oryahovo and overlooking the island of Esperanto, Burgozone is named after the Roman fortress built on the ancient Roman road Via Istrum.

Throughout the centuries, the area has been regarded as a major winemaking region. Burgozone has selected a unique terrain of 100 hectares located on the Danube river and 43rd parallel N (as Tuscany and Southern Rhône) which has proven to produce the highest quality of grapes.

‘We believe that 80% of the wine quality comes from the vines.’

All Burgozone wines are made from hand-collected grapes from our own vineyards. Thanks to “canopy management” and “green harvesting”, yields are purposely limited to ensure that the grapes obtained are of the highest quality.

When it comes to winemaking, Burgozone favors minimal intervention and is passionate about varietal expression. The Burgozone style can be described as the combination of a unique terroir influenced by the Danube river, and the human savoir-faire of renowned Bulgarian winemakers. All Burgozone wines are with Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) Danube Plain.

The wines’ style is characterised by the 3Fs- Fresh, Fruity and Fine.

Every glass of Burgozone will take you on a journey to the slopes of the Danube River.

"We make wines with individual character that reflect their “sense of place” and showcase the potential of the wine region by the Danube plain".


2000 Beginning of the Burgozone project

After visiting the fabulous Danube region near Oryahovo city and a receiving the confirmation by the famous soil export - Professor Penkov, that the terroir is one of the best in Bulgaria – beginning of the Burgozone Project.

2003 Consolidation of the land for the vineyard

In order to be in immediate proximity and under full control of the vineyards, Burgozone has undertaken to unite all the best plots in one area.

2005 Planting the vineyards

Based on extensive soil and climate analyzes, Burgozone selected the most appropriate grape varieties and clones and imported all the material from France.

2009 First Great gold medal for Bulgaria

Burgozone participated for the first time at the world competition in Brussels with its first wine and won the first Great Gold Medal for Bulgaria with Chateau Burgozone Chardonnay, who won six consecutive gold medals from the same competition and set a new record.

2010 Launching of the winery

The official opening of the winery with modern equipment and own bottling line.

2011 First export abroad

Burgozone signed a contract with one of the largest importers in Belgium and started exporting there. This marked the beginning of an extensive export policy, bringing the Burgozone wines in more than 20 countries.

2016 Golden cellar of Bulgaria

Burgozone was awarded with the prize "Golden winery" of Bulgaria from Export BG and the Ministry of Economy.

2018 The local varieties of Tamyanka and Gamza

Burgozone presents two indigenous varieties, emblematic for the region - the red Gamza and the white Tamyanka.

2019 Burgozone again Golden Winery of Bulgaria

Burgozone won again the award of Golden Winery of Bulgaria for innovative ideas in the wine tourism. Our mission is to produce the best quality Bulgarian wine and to promote Bulgaria and the Danube region.

2020 Burgozone celebrates 10th Anniversary !

Burgozone celebrates 10th Anniversary from the opening of its winery. We are proud that already 10 years we produce excellent quality wine and promote the Bulgarian wine production on 3 continents. Thank you to all our fans!

Our terroir


Located on the same line of latitude as Tuscany and growing on slopes of above 150 and 180 meters, the 100 hectares of the Burgozone vineyard are composed of high quality clones which are spread across a calcareous loess soil. The vineyard enjoys a moderate continental climate blessed with hot days and cool nights as well as benefitting from the qualities of being in such close proximity to the Danube River.

The 100 hectares of our vineyards are composed of 11 international grape varieties and 2 indigenous varieties namely Gamza (red) and Tamyanka (white).  To ensure the complexity of our wines we believe in clonal diversity and possess more than 30 different clones. The average age of the vineyards is 10 years.

We take pride in the fact that all our wines are carefully made from our handpicked grapes and are bottled on site at our estate. Our careful adherence to canopy management practices and green harvesting techniques results in a regulated yield ranging between 20 hl/ha and 45 hl/ha. In our vineyard we practice sustainable winegrowing and we remain committed to sustainable and ecological responsibility through the practice of integrated viticulture.

Burgozone is a member of the Bulgarian association of independent winegrowers (BAIW – Member of CEVI).

Our engagement

‘As a family-owned winery, we strive for long-term community development, quality and consistency.’

Burgozone plays a major role as an employer in the region and supports the development of the local community, such as the local school, local fair among others.

Burgozone supports the development of young winegrowers and tractor operators through training programs that further their education. In conjunction with the Ministry of Education, Burgozone has launched a specific educational program for these professions in the regional school schedule.

Located close to the nature reserve protected by the European program Natura 2000, sustainability and ecological responsibility are among the main long-term goals of Burgozone.

Burgozone is committed to developing wine tourism in the area as well as attracting and facilitating future investors interested in collaborative or expansion projects.

Our Awards


The winery was awarded the title Golden Winery of Bulgaria by the Ministry of Economy in 2016 and 2018.

Burgozone has won numerous international awards from the most prestigious international wine competitions, amongst which the first Great Gold Medal for Bulgaria from the Concours Mondial in Brussels, followed by 6 consecutive Gold medals from the same competition.

Burgozone is also the first and only Bulgarian white wine to have 91 points awarded by Wine Enthusiast, alongside the several 90 points received for our other wines. Our white wines were chosen twice as the best White Bulgarian Wine at the Mundus Vini competition in Germany. Esperanto has won two gold medals from Feminalises and Concours Mondial de Bruxelles.

In addition, Burgozone has won medals from international competitions such as Selections Mondiales des Vins in Canada, Black Sea International Wine Contest, Balkan Wine Competition and most recently Sakura in Japan.


Jancis Robinson



Sakura Women`s Wine awards


Cote du Danube Cabernet Sauvignon

Gold medal Concours Mondial des Vins Féminalise


Silver medal Balkans International wine competition



Golden Winery of Bulgaria 2019


All Burgozone wines

One of TOP 6 Viogniers in the world by Oz Clarke



Silver medal Balkans International wine competition


Chateau Burgozone Tamyanka

Gold medal Concours mondial de Bruxellеs


Via Istrum Esperanto

Gold medal from Black Sea Winemaking forum


Côte du Danube Sauvignon Blanc 2016

Gold medal from Black Sea Winemaking forum


Chateau Burgozone Viognier 2017